Bavaria Restaurant and Hotel

  Address: 113 Seminario Street, Jaro
Iloilo City Iloilo 5000
  Telephone No.: (033)320-2186  
  Telephone No.: (033)329-0078  
  Telefax: (033)3202186  
  Mobile number: 09189080730  
Iloilo City Inn (Bavaria Inn), 113 Seminario Street Jaro, Iloilo City (Near Jaro Plaza),  (63-33)3290078 for email contact: Ioilo City Inn is located in the heart of the historical and cultural district of Jaro and a few minutes ride to downtown Iloilo City, it has 13 airconditioned rooms with Cable TV, Internet access and hot and cold showers. The German Restaurant "Bavaria" is located at the ground floor $17
Published Room Rates
Room Type Room rate
family suites (4-5) Php 1.00
standard room (2) Php 750.00
de luxe room (3) Php 900.00
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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2014-12-30 08:10:53
azaria says:

Hi, Do you have available room with toilet for a month, Sept 1 until end of month, couple and baby. Please let me know how much and if electric is included. Contact me at

2013-03-13 18:43:12
treboj says:


2012-10-28 00:41:24
rosel says:

hellow may i ask how much is the rate of your double room?

2011-12-21 17:30:59
teresita says:

2011-11-15 21:54:28
Loida says:

how much is the rate for a single occupancy aircon room?

2011-08-11 20:43:21
florencia says:

may i ask if the location of your hostel near grand iloilo hotel. how is it from that hotel? if we are going to stay there for 3 nights

2011-07-08 02:16:45
john says:

gud pm im John Ritchel Catotal from Pototan Iloilo.. i would like to ask if your company is on hiring.. i'm a fresh graduate, and i took up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services and Technology.. i'm done with my 720 hours on the job training in LE SOLIEL DE BORACAY-boracay, island.. if your company is in need of a hotel staff, specifically in Housekeeping Department, i will be glad to apply.. please inform me in my email adress ( or contact me on my mobile # 09484073139.. thank you so much and more power.

2011-06-27 20:59:49
apple loraine says:

hi is there any room left for two on oct 6-8 i woulkd like to know the details thanks and how much?

2011-06-26 07:31:36
MIGGI says:

may I know if there will be available rooms for July 2-3? for two person, may I ask for the exact rates as well. Airconditioned rooms if possible. Is it also Wifi connected?

2011-06-26 07:31:36
Melanie says:

Hi! I would like to know if you have a room available for 3 adults and 1 child for June 30 to July 2, 2011? How much is the rate? thanks

2011-06-15 18:42:55
ROWENA says:

hi...... kindly email me the picture of your standard room and pls quote me also if how much do i spent a 1night and 1 day stay for 2 person. I am planning to stay on July 20. thank you....

2011-05-05 12:15:19
Victor says:

hope that i can work on your company

2011-04-29 04:21:19
tin says:

hi i will be there next week may4 how much is standard room pls tnx

2011-04-20 17:16:23
Krishna says:

Looking to book the family suite for April 28th to May 1st/2nd. Please send the room description and rates. Thanks!

2011-04-19 16:37:00
Leo says:

we enjoyed staying in your place last January...we're planning to be there this coming November for a couple of week...will make reservation a month before...possiibly same room we occupied.

2011-03-31 19:07:11
ramon says:

hi, just want to inquire for room availability on march 31, 2011 for 3 persons. how much is your rate? thank you very much.

2011-03-19 19:16:07
santiago says:

We're vacationing for three (3) days in Jaro from 23 to 26 MArch with my mother and sister. The room should be good for 3. Please inform me also if LAyson property is close to your area. My mother is a Layson and has been away for long. How much will the dailly rate be and what are the inclusions. Thank you. Santiago

2011-03-19 19:16:07
cheryl says:

hi..good day.. hhhmm.. planning to have a vacation in iloilo.. can i ask your room rate?? thank you..

2011-03-19 12:44:26
Jocel says:

good day just ask f youre hiring?

2011-03-16 18:31:01
John Rineer says:

may i know your hotel rates?asap...kindly reply at this email ad

2011-03-16 18:25:22
louie says:

gud evening... are there any available rooms gud for three?i will be going to iloilo tomorrow last trip..i am from bacolod...can you please reserve a rum for three?please text me at 09284633407...thank you

2011-03-16 18:18:25
Cho says:

I would like to book for one standard room for 2 adult and a 6 year old child on March 10-13,2011. How would be the mode of payment?

2011-03-16 15:02:57
Hezel Rose says:

Hi.. i just wanna ask if you'r company is open for an immediate hiring? If yes, can you send me please the requirements needed and what are the qualifications? i'm a college graduate of BSHRM here at FCC in roxas city, capiz and willing to be trained and work..please e-mail me at my account: or text me in this #.09085711044/09397444800 thank you very much. have a nice day.. GOD BLESS!!!

2011-03-14 18:21:57
pearl joy says:

Hello.. can I Asked your wedding packagel list and room rates. thanks

2011-03-14 18:19:33
erwin says:

give me ur room rates good for 2 persons ill be coming on july 5 or 6 with AC thanks

2011-03-14 18:17:44
Rene says:

Please qoute a standard room: check in after 12 noon on 02 July & check out before 12 noon on 05 July 2010. Kindly include if there's an internet access. Thanks!

2011-03-14 18:17:25
Jogie says:

hello. I'm from Bacolod City and I just want to ask how much is your rate for 5-6 person in 1room?? Thank you

2011-03-14 18:14:04
jenie says:

hello,... can you accomodate 55 pax?

2011-03-14 18:12:17
hanz says:

standard room/. is it airconditioned and with tv has a cr?

2011-03-14 18:07:56
isagani says:

I would like to know if how much ang rate nyo for an aircon room for 2 persons. kindly text your answer to 09178210149

2011-03-14 18:07:12
Aiza says:

elow mam/sir: i would like to ask if your establishment is now hiring any position available?pls inform me at my email ad.. Roy_azing at thank you

2011-03-14 18:07:12

please tell more info about your hotel like: standard check-in and check-out..thanks

2011-03-14 18:06:07
gemma says:

we're for a hotel to stay on April 23-24 for 8 persons Does your accommodation for Family suit, stndard and delux are with free breakfast?

2011-03-14 18:06:07
gen says:

hi, please send me your room rates 1 room - good for 2 persons..July 18-23, 2010. and the amenities too.:) thank u very much

2011-03-14 18:03:53
Tata says:

can u pls. send me ur room rate good for at least 4persons. and is it available from april 3 to 17? pls. mail me back. thanks.

2011-03-14 17:54:28
NELCY says:

can we have your room rates? or do you have any promo

2010-01-03 01:26:36
Ronald Ted says:

Would you please send me a copy of room rates for one person.

2010-01-03 01:26:36
princess says:

pls send me or txt me the rooms rates asap plssssss my number is 09071759132

2010-01-03 01:26:36
Liza says:

can you pls. send me quotation and its inclusion. Me and my friends will be in Iloilo City on Nov.27-30. Pls. and thanks.

2010-01-03 01:26:36
aldreich says:

room rates pls.. and roo good for 4 persons...rply asap

2010-01-03 01:26:36
emy says:

please send me the rates of ur room. thank you

2010-01-03 01:26:36
nerissa says:

just want ask for your room rates for oct 22 to 25, @ pax. kindly email it to me. thanks

2010-01-03 01:26:35
jonary says:

pls send me ur room rates tnx

2010-01-03 01:26:35
jonary says:

hi i would like to ask about your room reservation and room rates.. on nov we will be going to ilo ilo on nov 26- dec1. tnx

2010-01-03 01:26:35
rowena says:

im ilongga..working n Brunei..want to ask the room rates of ur hotel for 2..'coz my fiance and i will spend an holiday n iloilo for 13-14days..maybe the dates would b on december there any good offers that u can give? thank you!

2010-01-03 01:26:35
dey says:

Hello, a pure ilonnga who wants to know your rates and amenities... can you please email me ... i will be staying in iloilo with my husband next month... madamo nga salamat

2010-01-03 01:26:35
mary says:

hello there, i am a filipina ilonga, will be visiting iloilo home on 19th of this month would you be kindly email me your room rates and amenities w/in the hotels and room for a family of 4 .two adults and 2 kids under 7 ......thank you......

2010-01-03 01:26:35
sheila says:

how your room rates?

2010-01-03 01:26:35
sheila says:

how your room rates?

2010-01-03 01:26:35
Len says:

please send me rates for 2 bedroom . can ou also state the amenities

2010-01-03 01:26:35
Aaron says:

Hi, I just want to know how much is the rate of single bed room..where planning to go to ilo ilo on january..

2010-01-03 01:26:35
cesar says:

pls send me ur room rate.. both single and double standard room. pls. thanks.

2010-01-03 01:26:35
traveler says:

Hello..Kindly provide me your room rate for 2 w/ aircon..Planning to be there 2nd week of July '09..tnx

2010-01-03 01:26:35
arwen says:

please send me ur room rates good for 2 persons by june 26-28 2009.thank u!

2010-01-03 01:26:35
kristine says:

May I request for room rate that is good for 2 guests?

2010-01-03 01:26:35
juliet says:

May I request for room rate that is good for 2 guests?

2010-01-03 01:26:35
ace says:

my sister and i are going to iloilo by april's end. may i request for your room rates and amenities? we will appreciate your reply. Thank you.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
nicolai says:

can you send me your room rates? thnk you..

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Roy says:

Please add room description and rates. Thank you. One should not have to ask this question.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
michelle says:

gud day, im just gonna ask lang how much is the rate of the room for two person and malapit ba ang hotel nyo sa beach? were palnning to go there on april 22 til 24/09 tnx...

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Boray says:

Can I ask for roomrates for 2 pax 1 double bed, ac and vacancy 22-03. to 23-03. Thanks.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
rosebelle says:

just wanna ask about roomrates.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
rosebelle says:

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Dina says:

We'll be in Iloilo Feb19-21. Pls give your room rate, for 2 pax, 1 double bed or queen bed.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
judilyn says:

kindly send room description and rates..thanx..

2010-01-03 01:26:34
armie says:

hello there, can u send me ur wedding package? thank u so much!

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Oscar says:

Please add room description and rates. Thanks you.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
jay says:

hi!!can u send me ur lowest rate for 2 rooms/single occupancy.thxpls send asap.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
bernz says:

Please send me your current room rates. I have a lot of guest coming this February 2009.

2010-01-03 01:26:34
shenette says:

planning to stay in the hotel for about 3 nights on March 2009. for 11 pax. Please email me the most affordable room for us. Thanks

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Marvin says:

Hi! kindly send your room rates thanks

2010-01-03 01:26:34
EDDIE says:

pls send me your room rates . am planning to make reservation for the 2009 dinagyang festival with my wife. thank you

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Lou says:

Planning to stay in the hotel for approx. 3 weeks.I'm looking for an affordable room rates good for 3-5 occupants(possibly 2 adults and 3 kids) with air con and kitchen .Pls. respond ASAP. Thanx

2010-01-03 01:26:34
kotcela says:

kindly email the room rate for 1 deluxe room on november 21, 2008

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Cherry says:

how much po rates ng mga rooms? thank you!

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Cherry says:

how much po rates ng mga rooms? thank you!

2010-01-03 01:26:33
Maria says:

Please add room description and rates. Thank you.

2010-01-03 01:26:33
Maria says:

Please add room description and rates. Thank you.

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